Available for FREE in the Apple App Store.

Fly into an action-packed world, Die in the most spectacular fashion, then Rewind like it never happened. Enable Multiplayer to race against a field of friends. Unlock and upgrade a variety of vehicles, from WWII fighters to the infamous Rocket San. Test your skills with several different game modes and 256 endless 3D caves.

Fast, furious, fun and FREE, FlyDieRewind is endless challenge for all ages.


Easy to fly, difficult to perfect. It’s not just a great looking 3D flying game, it’s a challenging spectacle of 3D physics-based gameplay!

Full screen 3D bump-mapping, antialiasing, real time lighting and shadows. All at 60 fps.

iPhone IOS8.0+
iPad IOS8.0+
AppleTV TVOS 10+

Explore 256 individual levels, each entirely real-time computer generated.

10 unique flying vehicles. Each customisable and with its own characteristics.

With multiplayer support across all platforms. Compete with up to 8 nearby friends (no internet required). Last man standing, or Capture the flags.

Customise the gameplay how you want: LEFT or RIGHT handed, control and sensitivity.


Main ‘Home’ Menu:
  • 'Start' - takes you to level/multiplayer/setting menus where levels are chosen or unlocked, Multiplayer games started and setting configured. 'Play' from here now begins the game.
  • ’Shop’ - All purchasing and restoring is done on the 'Shop' menu.
  • 'Vehicle’ - For vehicle selection/unlocking/upgraded/customising.
  • ‘info’ - A few Pages of information to help new players get started.
  • ‘Hi-Scores’ - Details for the top 5 scores.

    (swiping side to side rotates the menus to select new items)


IOS: For a right handed player: On the right hand side of the screen slide thumb (or finger if preferred) up and down for up and down movement, left and right for side to side. It is recommended to keep your thumb in contact with the screen. Fire (for rockets) and pause buttons can be touched with the other hand on the left of the screen.

TVOS: Same as above but press to fire rockets, and play/pause to pause.

Gameplay: (this information is reproduced in-game)

Single Player Modes:
GHOST RUNNER: 3D. Race against your best run on each level with any vehicle. Challenge others to beat your best run.
SLICE FLYING: The full-on 3D flying mode. Fire rockets to clear difficult terrain. Collect Gems, Rockets, Keys, Bonuses and Rewards. Avoid bombs and lasers. Rewind Gameplay.
Clip a wall and crash - Rewind the gameplay. Miss an important item - Rewind the gameplay. Want to fly an area again - Rewind the gameplay. But don’t forget to collect enough Rewind tokens.
FLATLAND: New 2D enhanced mode. Just as hard as 3D, but with easier controls and a more 'classic' feel to the game. Rewind Gameplay.

Multiplayer: (Optional purchase at anytime, auto unlocks at 40% progress)
LAST MAN STANDING: Winner is last player to survive.
1ST TO 1024: First player to get to the required distance wins.
Multiplayer works across all iPad, iPhone and AppleTV devices locally (the internet is not used).
(1 player must have purchased the HOST option from the shop menu (or unlocked it), then up to 7 players can join them in a local multiplayer game.)

Unlocking the game:

Collect gems to buy upgrades and unlock new levels. Collect keys to unlock vehicles. Certain features auto-unlock.

Rewinding: (* Not available in Ghost Mode *)

Crashed, no problem - Rewind.

Missed something - Rewind.

Rewinds are free in Replays.

Rockets: (* Not available in Ghost Mode *)

Each vehicle can carry 6 rockets.

(Multiplayer mode - maximum of 6 rockets between all players)

Use to clear difficult terrain.


Use Gems to unlock levels.

Unlock levels to make Unavailable levels unlock-able.

Some prizes unlock levels.


One player must have purhcased the 'Full Game with Multiplayer' from the shop menu. They are then the HOST for the game, and can choose gamemode, players, levels etc. Instructions for gameplay are included in the multiplayer menu (touch the wifi button for instructions).

One extra thing, when a player dies they can spectate the other players by pressing the up/down buttons.