IOS Game Development

Game Development for Apple Devices:

IPad, IPhone, IPod and the AppleTV.


Developer environment:

  • Developed on Apple mac mini's.
  • Tested on all available IOS & TVOS devices.
  • Multiplayer tested up to 8 devices.
  • Software used: Xcode, Blender, Gimp, Audacity.
  • Coding started in mid 2015 with the first game, 'FlyDieRewind', v1.0 completed late December 2015.

12 Nov 2018
FlyDie v1.23 **Final** now undergoing testing. Updates include: Renaming (from FlyDieRewind to 'FlyDie'). Further Improvements to graphics rendering in 2D mode. Google AdMob updates. New demo levels. More bonuses. More tokens. And a few minor bug fixes.


19 Mar 2018
FlyDieRewind v1.2 now completed. Updates include: Addition of Multiplayer for up to 8 devices (iPads, iPhones & Apple TV's). Improvements to graphics rendering. Reduced memory usage. New full 3D physics engine. Additional vehicles. New game modes.


03 Mar 2016
Asteroid belt is now available (for Free) in the App store. '3D' does not even come close to describing the gameplay! Check it out.


16 Feb 2016
FlyDieRewind v1.1 update is now available (for Free) in the App store. Lots of improvements - check it out! FlyDieRewind is now also available for the AppleTV.